Sunday, June 1, 2008

Judge Results

Well, it’s certainly been interesting to see how you all go about achieving a goal. Or at least attempting to achieve a goal.

Kon El: Where exactly do you keep a supply of Hostess hot pies? Wait, I really don’t want to know. You have a lot of baggage that seems to follow you around.

Professor X: You know, your hyperactive sex drive might have a biological root, perhaps you have a tumor? Otherwise, you’re a dirty old man. Bad! Bad Professor! Focus on the task at hand.

Gyrobo: I never knew cooking could be so relevant or erratic.

Nephria: I think you and Erifia could do with some counseling to get over your issues. And I’m pretty sure blowing up the other team counts as cheating. Nice effort, though

Erifia: If you’re going to be lured to one side or the other, those better be some good cookies. And if that is your weak point, I suggest chatting with Koma about a divine little cookie called TimTam.

Koma: I like your use of established plans. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

West: Kid, you’ve got some issues, but good work none the less.

Ciera: Good job, though you got lost in the sea of weirdness that are your teammates.

Sylar: Uhh.. let me come back to you

Hotstuff: I once went to a parade down in the meat packing district of Coruscant that I think you would have fit right in at. Perhaps you should encourage your team to let you use your strong points, not stick you in short skirts.

Mr. Bennet: You have quite a range of foes. Nice job on the landing.

Sylar: Good use of horses? They do go rather unused on most ships.

After reviewing the video, the winner of this weeks challenge is

Captain Koma!

Nicely done Captain. Your use of the tried and true though yet unperformed Obi-Wan future maneuver is what won you the challenge. You never know where Imperial era ideas will show up next.


captain koma said...

ok thats great.

First I'd like to thank my team mates without whom I could never have staged this great rescue of the planet Hacknor.

Ahh! (geez I'm starting to tear up here)

umm! I'd like to say this victory goes to me Mum. Mum -sob- this is for you.

Aww! crap I'm bawlin me eyes out here.

Ciera said...


Mr. Bennet said...

I always knew you had it in you. I guess I won't have to shoot you...this week.

West said...

Congratulations Koma!

Nepharia said...

Your mum must be very proud. Congratulations.

Sylar said...

Way to go Koma! You know, with this win, you look a bit sexier in my eyes.

BTW, why does everyone think my adventure was so weird?!

Hotstuff said...


Clayburn Griffin said...

John Wayne rode a horse...would you call him weird?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Well done!