Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sex sells.... and catches mice too.

I was very successful in catching my species of silicon mice. They were crafty little blighters but I did what all best inventors do. I kept it simple. No complicated devices or lasers I worked on the saying. "Don't take the mountain to Mohamad, take Mohamad to the mountain." I'd make the mice come to me.

There are three things any living being will come for. Food, Water, or Sex. And what sells best than all of these is sex.
The great thing is this technique will work on anything. To prove the concept of my plan I had a test. I had to find a live subject to perfect the workings of the bait for my trap. To do this I had to tempt something almost as smart and indestructible as the silicon mouse.
I chose Kon-El.

Ok not as smart as a silicon mouse but he'll do.
As my bait a Synthoid Jessica Alba in the hot tub.
Just about every male on Fire-Island D truned up. Oh and Sylar too.
This should be as easy as finding a needle in a crack house.

I got the silicon mouse pheromones and set up a cage with an open door. The sexy mouse pheromones were at the end cage. Between the sexy mouse pheromones and the open door was a trap door. When the horny mouse ran into the trap following the sexy mouse pheromones, it would fall down the trap into a vat of acid. The acid would bio-degrade the mice for future use as a liquid fertiliser. I got Greenpeace to approve this method too.

It worked a treat. Best thing is all I have to do is change the pheromone for each species of mouse and I can trap them all. So I came up with the most effective mouse trap. I've already patented the process and have my legal team working on my intellectual property rights. So I should be rolling in money for the rest of my life.

Thanks Jon this challenge has been a treat. Now I can sit back relax and watch a bit of footy.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

You used the 'male' technique!

Professor Xavier said...

After having seen the photo of Granny Goodness in a bikini, I'd follow Jessica Alba to the end of the planet.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

WHa-? How'd I get in the hottub wearing Cyclops's outfit? I must've been sleep walking again.

Mr. Bennet said...

You have intellectual property? I mean, uh...good job.

Sylar said...

Jessica Alba? Hmmm, she's alright. Not as hot as Clay Aiken, though.

Sylar said...

Plus, my Cat Lady already killed the entire impenetrable skull variant of mice, but good job anyways, I guess!

Henchman432 said...

Where was the danger? Nice slam on Conner.

Ciera said...

I beamed them all away and sent them to a new home...what better trap then that?

captain koma said...

Yes and my trap can be applied to just about any pest. Of course the Sylar version is currently going through tests.

Anonymous said...

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