Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Challenge 5 Kon

"I still think HS was drugged by Hudson because he found all those fake pictures of Hudson with all of those super heroines." I state.

"Someone's been hanging around the Question too long." Kara laughs over the phone.

"Ahem!" I hear from behind me. “I’m your photographer for the challenge, Drusilla"

I turn around hellloooo!

"I can tell by the look on your face MR.EL, that you think I'm going to be another one of your conquests let me assure you that is not going to happen. Let's keep this professional."

I like hard to get, but I'd better keep it professional since I want to complete this challenge. First stop one of the many fire islands around here. And some moron put an "Arabian Nights" type castle right by a volcano, talk about bad zoning. So I had to save that place. Got some nice action shots outta the deal.

The locals were really happy.

Dru rolled her eyes as she took this shot. The next shot on Fire Island B was a swimming shot. In the burning pound.

I noticed Dru was looking down, and then hiding her eyes. That's when I realize the very hot water burned off my trunks!
Dammit, I didn’t want this to be a playgirl type thing.

Next was Smoke Island 1.

I'm in there somewhere. Also that smoke made me feel funny. I solved that mystery after exploring the island a bit.

It's infested with hippies. After breathing that smoke I wanna eat nachos, and watch Alice in Wonderland. So after spending an hour laughing at a bug. We go to the next stop Mud Island Sigma.

This place is gross. I try to make the best of it, until I hear someone yell. “Hey you! I heard about you seducing my girlfriend in your damn hot tub! You're in for a world of hurt!"

Jason Todd? Everyone’s least favorite Robin. He hits me with a crow bar. I let him thinking it's just a normal crowbar, but it's made of some kind of super tough metal. It bruises my chin and, I fall into the mud.

I heat vision it out of his hand and he comes up with green K knuckles. He jumps into the mud and we fight it out there. While Dru snaps away at pictures.

I beat him but after he smacks me around a bit. Stupid Kryptonite. A few days later I get a letter from Drusilla. There’s a video in it oh I hope it's X rated.

"Hello Conner I can't believe you couldn't see through my disguise." She takes off her glasses, and puts down her hair, and it's Cassie!
My girlfriend. Blast! Glasses and putting her hair a different way the perfect way to hide your identity. “I told you not to go after bimbos on this LGS. Those pictures I took? They went into a certain magazine I put into the package."

Sweet! Let's see. What the? NOOOOOOOO!

“As you can see I set up the whole Jason Todd attack. Let's see the bimbos come after you now." She blows a kiss at me. “Maybe now you'll learn some restraint. Buh-bye."

Damn Cassie damn.


Ciera said...

hell hath no fury such as a woman scorned!

Erifia's Author said...

That reminds me of a story...

Well... It's a long story, but the point... There are two rules...

1. Never check out hot women, they are always evil.
2. Never check out hot women when you have a girlfriend.
3. Check out your girlfriend, if she is a hot woman.

By the way... Why are you after bimbos... Your girlfriend is hot...

Ciara Rhian said...

what was that about hot girls author?

i'm throwing your stuff out on the lawn again and youre not going to talk me into letting you back in

Erifia's Author said...

Awww... But baby.... Come-on... Please...

See what's you've done, Kon...

Please... I'll buy you flowers... and...

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Fell for the ole eyeglasses as a disguise trick again, eh?

Nepharia said...

Sure! All the guys from Krypton use that as a disguise, and it works every time.

Blockade Boy said...

Hey, contestants!

You're all working hard, I see. That's awesome. I wish I could make comments on your individual entries, preferably in a deep, booming third-person voice. Like "Your labors please Blockade Boy!" or "Blockade Boy is not amused!" But I don't want to unduly influence anybody while the challenge is still going on. Because the force of my personality is so damned overpowering, you see. (I've heard similar claims about my cologne. From "playa haters", natch.)

Keep up the good work! (He said, noncommittally.)

Professor Xavier said...

Those must be some kind of really special glasses you DC guys have access to. They fool everybody.