Thursday, June 26, 2008

Superboy: challenge 6

Sigh thanks a lot Jon. While my relationship is screwed up I have to make people fall in love? Gah, that and I have to do something with purses, and a Yeoman. Not sure where to find a middle ages landowner on a space ship. Okay, whatever, if it's something dirty, that would be more Sylar's job.

I pass Nepharia torturing the passengers, And West whispering sweet nothings into the walls, hey at least it keeps him from asking me what Krypton was like, every five minutes.

So I go outside to find a bunch of passengers, have taken an escape pod to a space station with a swimming pool. I have to save the station from a freaking Space Kraken.

I fly there, and the thing shoots red sun rays at me. I respond with my mega punch.

That really only stunned it as it tried to eat me. Then the picture of Granny Goodness from the rat challenge fell out of my pocket, and the Kraken ran making a yipping sound.

I told the passengers “Ya don't want to be around Space Krakens; especially if you're hot girl what happens ain't pretty unless you're Japanese, and a perv."

So after getting all the passengers on board again the Muppet that steers the ship yells at me to stop jumping off and saving people.

"Do you know how hard it is to get this ship to turn around while being fused with it? It's not easy being green! Stop flying off the ship! Got it any questions?"

“Yeah what's your appeal?"

He flails his arms comically and yells. Enough fooling around. I go into the galley where Robin is eating something gross because he didn't find love. He glares at me. “I am not talking to you Conner; you locked me in the Batmobile's trunk."

I look over to the other side where the Spoiler his ex dead ex girlfriend is sitting by herself. "I thought you two where reigniting the spark." I ask.

“She shot someone Kon, she's no better than a villain." He sneers.

" Oh alright it was just you were so mopey when everyone you knew died, in a short amount of time, that I thought when one of 'em came back that you wouldn't let her go is all. Guess I had you pegged wrong. I mean Batman forgave her, and well she could die again and..."

That seemed to be enough.

But then I thought to my self is Robin a B list celebrity? Okay besides that billboard smear campaign I put up a while back I'm not sure. Oh yeah here's the bilboard.

While pondering rather or not he counts as a celebrity or not I see Hilary Duff.

“Actually I'm not Hilary Duff I'm a robot that looks like her made by a mad scientist."

“Koma?" I ask.

“Who? No my creator stole my designs from some guy named Austin Peters, but he became tired of me, and threw me out. I'm looking for another lover, but he has to evil."

“Boy have I got someone for you he's even figured out the secret to great villain dialogue!"

We walk down the hall a bit too where I introduce her to Cyborg Superman.

“Something Something Hate You! Something Something something kill!"

Okay I take that back about his dialogue being great. He grabs me by the throat and punches me into the ship’s walls with West yelling "No you're hurting her!"

“Something something something who cares?"

" Squee!" The robot Hilary Duff yells. “You’re so evil you're perfect!" She jumps up and hugs him.

“Something something something nice hardware blah blah yakkity yak."

They walk off together, hand in hand. I rub my neck. And sigh I decide to back go hangout outside the ship and just look at space awhile." You're a hard man to find. “I hear from one of the portholes.

It was Cassie. “Here to make me look gay again? Not that there’s anything wrong with that." I say into a Titans communicator seems this ship has a bit of atmosphere around it.

“Seinfeld was years ago Conner you don't need to reference it come into to the ship I want to talk.”

We argued for a bit, she accuses me of being afraid of commitment.

“Well yeah every time we get close, a teammate goes nuts and tries to suck us all into the Afterlife, or I die or something."

I could bore you with the rest of the conversation or I could just show the end result.

Looks like I'm a one woman man now, I can look but not touch, I can live with that. I still haven’t figured out the thing with the Yeoman and the purses though.


Ciera said...


Nepharia said...

What's to say I didn't do that neat mind whammy trick on your girlfriend too?

Kon-El said...

Ciera Thaks.

Neph with her being the daughter of Zeus I guess if an angry Greek god shows up to beat one of us up we'll know

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

The Duffer!

What ever happened to her? I must confess that I was quite a fan of her show, though I admit that Even Steves was a little better.

Kon-El said...

she likely saw what happened to Lyndsey Lohan and ran away screaming

West said...

As far as blonde teen stars go, Duff is nothing compared to the goddess-like allure of Ashley Tisdale.

Hey Kon, can you teach me your mega punch?

Henchman432 said...

Wait, I'm lost.