Friday, June 6, 2008

Kon-El: Challenge 3

So we're all in a meeting well except for Erifia, Who Neph tricked with the wrong meeting time I thought it was funny so sue me. I hear she's doing something with fishing poles and her sidekick making out with Space Zorro.

Meanwhile all my plans are gettin' shot down by X.

“I can get the phantom Zone Projector and send them all there!"

The mutant considers it. No the rules say we have to build the trap but we can use the projector for parts and some other stuff if you don't mind it shouldn't be hard for one of your powers."

I can't believe it he gave me a freaking shopping list. That and he wants me to find a way to scare them out Arrrgh!

Okay enough drama I'm just gonna do it, I take the teleporter back to Earth. Gettin' the Phantom Zone projector was easy, for some reason no one is in the Fortress but Krypto, and I threw a ball at him, he doesn't care though he did break those statues of Zor- EL and Lara catching the ball. Oops.

Next the Electro magnetic couplings, I go to the JLA satellite, or Watch Tower and start sneaking out those and several others on my list, when freaking Aquaman shows up. Why is he not wearing a shirt?

“What are you doing here Conner?" I can't believe it the dude that talks to fish is giving me attitude.

“I was here um showing fans of yours around." I lie.

“I have fans? I mean of course show me where they are Conner." I tell him to go to the galley he'll be there forever. Any way I get all the components that I could find there next stop Bat cave.

Robin was there " Conner what do you want?"

I give him the list. " No Kon you super guys always just barge in here and take stuff Did I tell you about the time Kara came barged in here and just took info on Batgirl?"

Huh I didn't know Kara swung that way. “Dude I'm your best friend."

“Oh the best friend that danced with the girl I liked that time?" He waves his hands.

“Sigh. Tim I'm just going to take what I want you can help me or not."

He kicks me and I grab his foot, he tries to get his green k out of his belt he discovers my TTK has kept his belt closed. “Damn it Conner you'll have to train all day when you get to back to the Titans this is not over you hear me?"

I put him in the Batmobile's trunk. Sigh. So getting the JLA mad at me? Check.

Ticking off the Teen Titans and my best bud? Double check. After getting the parts Alfred shows up looking for Robin, when he can't find him he gives the cookies he baked to me. How Alfred couldn't hear all the kicking and screaming in the trunk is beyond me. Any way Mmmmmmm cookies

Okay now I need something to scare the little rodents out. Hmmm X already rejected my giant space cat idea, but how about Supercat? I fly to Metropolis. And my cousin Kara. Um I'm really sorry about this Kara, but this is the only pic I could find of you on Hacknor, and it was in HS' room um sorry.

I guess since I slept with his aunt he'd drool over my cousin as revenge.

“Hey Kara? Can I borrow Streaky?"

“No!" She shouts.

“Why not?" I giver her the puppy dog eyes.

“You’ve groped and or had relations with every one of my friends! I have to listen to them complain about you all day! So, no!"

“You just need uglier friends.” I shrug

“Get out!” she demands.

Well that sucks wait I saw something in the JLA satellite that'll scare 'em out. When I returned I told Aquaman he had no fans and while he was crying I got it. When I'm back on Hacknor later. I show my team all the stuff I found.

Xavier smiles. “Good work Kon, but where's the thing to scare the rats out?"

“Here ya go a picture of Granny Goodness."

“That is bad... but not quite what I was thinking..." Xavier responds.

I look at the pic ooops wrong one here she is in a bikini." I show it to Xavier.

"Ahhhh! Kon! Put that away it's disgusting! Okay it'll work!"

Nepharia walks in " AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! What in the name of the Dark Sith lords is that?"

Okay time to see how the rats take it.

Cool, they'd rather jump into the disgusting algae infested swimming pool than look at it. Now I just have to wait for the trap to be built, and chase 'em to it.


Hotstuff said...

What can I say.. She is hot and I doubt I will get to see Shiara ever again.. So fix your bud up

Hotstuff said...


Nepharia said...

HS, are you talking about Kara or Granny Goodness?

Hotstuff said...

Neph... you are truely evil...

to even think let alone ask

Are you trying to stunt my emotional and sexual growth?

and Kon before you think it will be funny.. KARA not that .... creep keeper woman

Mr. Bennet said...

Does Granny Goodness work on cockroaches as well?

Nepharia said... might want to keep an eye out for what Kon might do. I'm sure he'll try and slip Granny Goodness into your room.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Interesting tactics there, Kon. At least I think they were, brain is still reeling from that whole Granny Goodness business.

Professor Xavier said...

Hmm, Supergirl and Batgirl. Yes, I might just run with that image for a bit. Get back to me in a ten minutes.

No, better make it 20.

Kon-El said...

HS: AWW but you and And granny would make such an... well cute's not the word... interesting couple. But sorry Kara likes older dudes Like Night wing And Green Lantern, but we can see. So it's over with the bizarro huh? Dooes he know you were just expirementing? :p

Nepharia : heh not a bad idea...

Brennet: only one way to find out.

Jon: yeah she does that.

Prof. X : I think of Black Canary and Hunteress myself...

Henchman432 said...

Where was the trap...?

Kon-El said...

We built it together.