Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Malfian Mouse Trap - The begining....

So after being set the task of building a better mouse trap Bennet tried to do the leader thing again. He set about tellin us how he wanted to build a better mousetrap. Ciera and I looked at each other and sighed.
"What we have here isn't just a mice problem. We have a great product we can exploit. These mice, once dead, would make the perfect breast implants for the celebrity elite." He ordered.
"But they're disease ridden!" exclaimed Ciera being the top Star Fleet Sheila she is.

"Yes of course we'll work out those bugs later." ignored Bennet. He went away to do something else and left Me and Ciera to get stuff done.

If you want to catch something you find out just what it is. I sent out West, Hot Stuff and Sylar to go and capture some silicon mice. I gave them each a tried and well tested mouse trap for them to be able to catch enough for some base testing.
They caught nuthin.
"The mice just busted out of the trap?" complained West.
"Yeah my trap didn't have all the pieces." agreed Hot Stuff.
I asked them where Sylar was. They didn't know so we went looking. We found him in the fields like this.
"The mice won the game and I got caught. LOL!" giggled Sylar.

Hopefully research would give us better results. It did. It seems that there are six different species of silicon mouse, each with their own defensive and offensive traits. However there were two things that remained the same. They were very intelligent and they had hard exo-skeletons that protected a soft gooey inside.
"Oh! like a Republican.". I love Republicans they're delicious!" exclaimed Sylar.
"These guys don't taste like Lobsters." explained Ciera. "They are all dangerous and can produce psychotropic effects."

"Psycho-what?" asked West.

"Its like taking a load of LSD and going on a trip. One you might not come back from." warned Ciera.

"I used to listen to LSD. They're and Australian band aren't they Koma?" asked Bennet.

"Mate I think you mean LRB. Little River Band. And yes they were originally Australian." I replied.
"Gee there's six species of cute little space mice and six of us. Like thats so N'synch." chirped Sylar.

"Your right Sylar. You could almost think that it was some kind of plot device." continued Hot Stuff.

"Its a conspiracy of some kind." added West. Who added more. "Cause they all have different ways of doing things that have been described only vaguely to us. As if someone didn't want to write all the information so others could feel free to add what they wanted."

"Its coincidence, plain and simple." I corrected. "Find out the specific weakness and trap the species you've been assigned. Then we'll add your traps together to make the ultimate mouse trap."

"Yay! :)" shouted Sylar.

Sylar can shout in emoticons. Thats the last thing we need, a teammate with Space Tourrets!"

To be continued.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Space mouse tasting like lobster? I shudder at the thought.

Hotstuff said...

here take a gas mask

Simon said...

Jon, what have you been thinking, if at all? Another LGS and no moi? Really, how shortsighted of you, particualarly with such a group of terrible contestants. Never fear, Simon is back and I will bring judgement upon these lackluster contestants. I will not fear to comment where your spineless judges have failed.

Check your feelings at the door you talentless twists, Simon is back.

Henchman432 said...

It didn't go anywhere...
@Simon, there is the door, don't let it hit you on the way out.