Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Team 1 - Operation Diversion pt 2 Ciera's POV

I have to admit - .creating the holosuit for HotStuff was fun...He just looked so darn cute! Even Kon thought so.

Flying my ship towards the enemy was the easy part. After we were boarded and HotStuff went back to keep them busy with his charms I kept myself busy creating a small swarm of sensor ghosts for the enemy ship. And for good measure, I jammed their comm lines, I even managed to hack in far enough to mess up their inship communications.

At the same time I keep trying to coach HS along... he doesn't make a very good girl. Even I'm not buying his act, his high pitched girly voice still sounds guy-ish. He's trying though. From the chatter I hear in my ear, he's not a very good dancer if he can't lead.

They're trying to hack my ship, having traced the source of the intererence...I hate it when that happens. HS said something I heard with only one ear. "Keep them busy HS!"

A large arm comes around in front of me and puts me in a headlock just as Hotstuff asks me if I want to trade places with him ---- uhm...YES!

I struggle against my captor, unable to see anything beyong meaty hands and the clock ticking on the control board. Koma and West are waiting for me to beam them over to the other ship so that they can take out the shields. I kick backwards and bite down on my captors arm. He cries out...I hear a small blast and the guy goes down. I turn to see my sidekick Kirk standing there grinning at me.

"I might not be able to help you out with the challenge," he said. "But no ones gonna hurt my girl."


Just timer goes off...and so does the fire alarms and suppression system. Foam is showering down on me.

"What the heck? Who triggered the fire suupression system?"

I hurry to my control panel, to see that the arlarm was activated in the back...where Koma and West had hidden in the tiny transporter room.

"Sorry, Ciera...I tripped and hit the button on the wall," answered one of them.

"Never mind!" With one hand I work at shutting them off and with the other, I beam the two of them over.

"Ciera!" said HS hurrying into the cockpit. "We got a problem, one guy got off an alert.. Please tell me you are done.."

"Koma and West are over there...I just have to shut these alarms down and keep them busy..." My tiny ship rocks as they blast us with some sort of laser. "Great. Kirk, you and HS head back to the gun turrets...I'll fly evasive manuevers until the ship quits firing."

The two head off to the back.

As I continue working and I hear my ships guns firing back, I couldn't help but think how hilarious HS looked with half the holo suit damaged and blinking on and off!


Hotstuff said...

I am glad I didnt set it off I thought my fire breath did it

oh and Um how do you take this suit off


Hotstuff said...

oh btw I think we made a pretty good team :)

Henchman432 said...

I have to agree. So far your team is doing a good job, so far...

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Alright alright, foam party! Woo Woo!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Great entry, Ciera. Very funny!

Ciera said...

HS: want to take it off...that might take some doing.
I think we're a good pair too. :)

Henchy: thnx....I think.

Jon: used to have flavored foam to make it even more interesting, but it was too sticky to clean up.

Jean-Luc: glad you liked it :D

Nepharia said...

You should leave HS in the holosuit for a while and bring him to the party that usually happens after the challenge is done.

We can sit back and watch sparks fly!