Monday, May 12, 2008

Introducing Sexy Sylar: Serial Killer. Lol.

So, it seems after I hosted after my internet reality show, I'm the newest craze, getting invited to like, participate in another one, only this time, as a contestant or something! I'm in the middle of my 15 weeks of fame! Or is it years? Prolly years, I mean who wants to be famous for only 15 weeks, lol! So yeah, from this point now I have 15 years of fame! I'm on the it-list, it's like I'm Justin Timberlake! Oooooh, you like, don't even wanna know what I'd do to myself if I were Justin Timberlake, that guy is one hot piece of meat. Hmmm, it'd prolly look something like this lol!

Anyways, I got invited by some guy that's a Gladiator. I hope he's as hot as Russel Crowe, because wow, is that man hot. Then I read the rest of his name. Jon the Inter...Interglockenspeil? Nerd alert lol! He must be the Beautiful Mind Russel Crowe, what a snooze that one was!

So, I called that nerdy Introglockenspeil guy up. "Um, hi, lol. Will I get to go on murderous rampages on your show? Especially killing off other contestants, because I think that would be like, totally cool!"


"Well, that's no fun! How about brains? Will they be plentiful? That's the main element of the new Sylar Diet, you know! You'll shed those pounds as well as a shed stores lawnmowers!"

"Probably not, but maybe we can involve sheds in a challenge. Would you like that?"

"Would I ever! I love sheds! Final question: can I put the moves on the other contestants and/or host?"

"I insist on it, in fact, why don't you start with me?"

We both shared a nervous laugh lol, but I knew the sparks would fly between me and the nerd! I seem to have a thing for nerdy guys, what with me 'n Mr. Glasses' fling which mostly entails me trying to murder his daughter and such. But you'd be surprised how much people bond when murdering the ones they care about comes into the sexy equation!

But anyways, with the promise of man-love and shed-usage, I just couldn't turn down the invitation! So watch out, contestants! I'll spare you your lives! That's right, you'll live! How do you like that?!


West said...

Sexy Sylar, do you think with our reality show fame we'll get to be commentators on VH1 like those Survivor rejects?

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Whoa whoa whoa, I am not a nerd. In fact, there are many people who say I'm really cool. Like uh, my wife.... my mom.... Uh my dog would say it if she spoke English...

Nepharia said...

I think your cool, Jon, regardless of what everyone else says.

captain koma said...

Your an interesting bloke, for a canabalistic fruit that is. This games more nuttier than a box of chocolate.

None the less I'm sure we'll all get on famously.

Ciera said...

Hey! I think Jon's pretty cool too!

Erifia Apoc said...

Murderous Rampages, Eating Brains, Hitting on other Contestants... You and I will get along famously.

Mr. Bennet said...

Stay away from my daughter! And my shed!

Anonymous said...

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