Monday, May 19, 2008

Climb that!!!

"What do you think I am? A New Zealander." exclaimed Captain Koma. "All this for a stupid reality game show."

Nevertheless the plucky Aussie Hero took up the challenge in his own Koma way. Using his brain and his engineering skills he hatched a plan and a machine he built.
"I call it the Koma Klimber." he beamed proudly at his handiwork.

The machine had caterpillar tracks, hydraulic claws and a vast array of grapples and cables as sharp as can be.
"C'mon!" he cried and started the hulking beast it sprung to life this climbing masterpiece. The ascent wasn't hard, the Klimber ran quite smooth and very soon our hero was atop the Hacknor Matterhorn.

Then atop the machine born of his genius atop of the mountain born of the planet. Koma saw the majesty of the planet of Hacknor.
"This place is tragic!" he smiled. "But what the hey!"

Not long after he found the suspension bridge. And in front of it was a wise old man and his wife her hair up in a bun. They were a loving couple and their love radiated from inside out.
"So your a swell couple." complimented Koma. "How do you get this suspension bridge out?"
"You just press the green button." replied the old man. "Good journey to you."
Just as he was about to go our hero realised that the suspension bridge wouldn't carry his mighty machine.
"Look if you want the Klimber is yours to keep. " offered our hero.
"Oh thank you. Your generosity will be rewarded." accepted the wise old man. "It'll be great for the potato patch."

Across the suspension bridge and out into the white wonderland of winter Olympic events Koma strode. His option was clear his option was easy. To Luge was his desire.
"Nothing like speeding down an icy track. Flat on your back with nothing between you and death but a few milimeters of tight spandex. Its the Heroes life!" exclaimed Koma with gutso.

And so with the challenge finished and the dangers and perils beaten our Hero settles down to a ice cold beverage of his choice. Supremely confident of his place as the winner of this challenge.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

This hero Koma is a bit of a goof, but I like him.

Ciera said...

He does seem a likable goof. Cool machine dude.

Paula Abdrool said...

Your post makes me feel like a unicorn running naked through a field of lillies!

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

*scoots chair away from Paula*

Erifia Apoc said...

I am glad I didn't pick him. *Tongue Out*

Henchman432 said...