Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Superboy returns

Finally the Kon has come back to Hacknor! Yeah Supes sent me here because the titans have been living with Batman since Titan's Tower got taken by some unknown bad guy or Starbuck's. Either one Bats said and I quote “I’ve had enough of Kon for a life time."

Whatever it's once again for the men to want to be me, and the women to want to be with me!


“Uh Cassie baby? What is it?"

"If you know what's good for you there you won't be with any women here. The whole open relationship thing didn't work and if you want to keep all of your body parts you won't act like it did."

“Ya wanted to date Robin, that's a downgrade from me babe."

“No I didn't! Never mind Kon I've asked HS to watch you while you're here so you won't be man whoring this time."

“But what happens on Hacknor stays on Hacknor." I protest.

“Not on a reality show dummy! You know how many times you embarrassed me last time? Look just keeps your hands and everything else to yourself!"

As Cassie takes the Portal back to Earth, I sit staring until HS walks up. “Hey snitch!"

“What? Oh come on Kon, do you really want to be in the dog house with Cass again? Come on there's a lot of stuff to do here without you drooling over everything that wears a skirt."

I snort. “Like watching you drool over Jon?"

His eyes go wide. “I don't love Jon he's just my role model!"

"Not how it looks like from over here bud."

He growls “You know magic is one of your weaknesses still right?"

I grunt and mope around with my hands in my pockets until I realize something... Could it still be here? Did they get rid of it? No... It must still be here... I run to my old room and YES IT'S STILL HERE!

The Hot tub!!!!! Well it's not gonna be so bad after all.


Hotstuff said...

Hey do you really think I would tell Cass

but we do have to be careful I mean cass and Shiara could be really a mean tag team.... *suddenly starts staring off in space and slowly starts grinning*

ouch! Kon why did you hit me?

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Oh boy, Riff and Raff are here...

Hotstuff said...

at least you didn't call us what Dad calls us

twiddle dee and (points to Kon) dum

Nepharia said...

Are you going to invite the rest of the gladiators to the hot tub?

Kon-El said...

HS: yeah But I get in these moods ya know Oh and And quit fantazing about my cass or I'll tell Vince about you staring at his cass That she worked out in front of you.

Jon: We can't be worse than koma.

HS: yeah well Mirai is a bit psychotic so he doesn't count.

Nepharia: All are welcome all are welcome ! I just need to clean the thing out it's been a year.

Anonymous said...

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