Friday, May 30, 2008

Mutants on the Executive (Xavier)

Our assignment was to neutralize the threat of Galactor's ship, the Executive. There are five people on my team. We were given a used tug boat in which to launch our assault. The Executive is almost 20 kilometers long, has 144 fighter ships, a crew of 25,000 and hundreds of exterior laser cannons. Piece of cake.

Our team assembled in the conference to try and come up with some kind of plan. Kon-El was looking filled with angst, as usual. He may be a Kryptonian powerhouse, but he's not much of a thinker. Gyrobo was making odd clicking noises and studying very intently the grain of the conference table. The two Jedis, Erifia and Dark Nephaira, well . . they're rather attractive. Sort of in a Ginger and Mary Ann kind of way. I went on a date actually once with Erifia. It ended with a bang. More of a shoot out really. We never did have a second date.

My gaze kept returning back to the Jedis. They were both wearing very clingy, revealing outfits. Nepharia had changed her hair to platinum, rather than the fiery red I had seen before. I was admiring the curves of the costume when Kon spoke up.

"So what's the plan, man?"

They were all looking at me. Except for Gyrobo who was standing on his head facing the wall. A plan? Fine. Perhaps something to get me some alone time with Nepharia.

"We'll split up into teams of two," I said. "I'll go with . ." I was about to say Nepharia when another idea occurred to me. There was obviously a lot of tension between the Jedi girls. Perhaps of they were forced to be together, they might fight. Some of their sexy battle suits might be torn away. Perhaps they would get locked an embrace. Maybe the moment might overcome them and they would kiss.

My body shuddered. "I'll go with Kon-El. We'll, um, take out the engine room. Erifia and Dark Nepharia will go together. Your goal is . . the command center."

"What about Gyrobo?" Erifia asked.

"Who? Oh, right. We'll he can take control of the weapons bay."

Everyone left the room and went to their respective ships. "Ready Kon?" I asked as we boarded the Rust Bucket.

He rolled his eyes. "Whatever, man." Definitely the dark and brooding type. Kind of like a James Dean in a tight black shirt.

As we approached the Executive, I telepathically scanned the ship. Alarms had already started sounding before we even left the surface. I reached into the minds of the mission control room and had them send the fighter ships out to investigate the larger of Hacknor's moons. I then had the officers tell the laser cannon gunners that we were a friendly ship. As our shuttles approached I had the flight deck crews open landing bays for us. The easy part was accomplished.

Unfortunately the alarms were still sounding. I can take over a few minds at a time, but not 25,000. As Kon and I made our way to the engine room, squads of uniformed soldiers kept trying to stop us. Their laser blasters seemed to have no effect on Kon, other than disintegrating his shirt. He seemed to relish attacking the hapless soldiers. He reminds me a bit of Wolverine actually. A very useful character.

Since the manual labor was well in hand, I let my attention focus on Erifia and Nepharia. During their long march towards the bridge, they regularly paused to exchange minor blows. Anticipation was driving me crazy. Just when I thought they were about to erupt into a full blown cat fight, Kon interrupted me.

"We're here, man," he said.

I looked around and saw we were already in the engine room and he had laid out most of the personnel there.

"Uh, good work," I told him. "Find the override and bring us to a full stop."

"Why do I have to do all the work, man? Why don't you pull your own weight for once?"

"Quite simple, Kon. We all have our specializations. Yours is doing the grunt work. Mine is doing the thinking. Pushing buttons falls into the grunt work category which means it is your task. Telling you what to do falls into the thinking category, and is therefore my burden. Now go do it."

With a grunt he stalked off to the control panel. I quickly returned my telepathic attention to the Jedi girls. They had successfully taken the bridge but it seemed that Nepharia was about to fire the Executive's weapons on the Invisible Gland, thereby destroying the other team. While that would have made this competition much easier, I felt some obligation to Captain Koma since he had helped restore my brain to its body recently. Consider this "debt paid" Koma.

I talked Nepharia out of destroying the other team, in part by promising to play Master and Apprentice when we get back to Hacknor. Hopefully that is as much fun as it sounds.


Sylar said...

Hey! Master and Apprentice, huh? Can I play too?

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Wasn't that a movie about two dudes on a ship?

Nepharia said...

Sylar, I don't recall inviting you....but I can always use another apprentice.

Kon-El said...

(sees Sylar go into the room)Um count me out....

Hotstuff said...

I like how you think Prof maybe next time they will kiss

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I would have gone with the two women.

Mr. Bennet said...

I need to get me a button-pusher.

Gyrobo said...

I always get into arguments with my hands about who gets to push buttons.

So far the armistice holds, but they'll get hot-headed once glove season rolls around.