Saturday, May 24, 2008

Judgement #1

Ladies and Gents,

This is the first round, so many of you are still getting in gear. I understand that. However, I have to judge you. (Haw Haw)

Most of the everyone's post were fun, I did enjoy them all. A general criticism, is there is a lack of atmosphere. I would like to see the reader drawn into your stories.

* Captain Koma; Your story didn't really go anywhere.

* West; Not bad. But I felt that you were never in any danger, and danger is like sex it sells.

* Ciera; I liked you post. Indy, always kicks butt. I can see you going far in this game.

* Sylar; I liked the cool runnings guy,but I couldn't follow your post.Also,the lol's were killing me.

* Hotstuff; You are funny, and handled your task very well. You post was kind of long. Next time, give us meat and veggies.

* Mr. Bennet; You are one bad dude. Last time, you made it to the final three. It might happen again, if you play with your post more. I seen you do better

* Merlyn Gabriel;You didn't even post did you...For Shame.

* Kon-El; Same as west, I never feel, that you are in danger, what is the point in a challenge,if seems easy for you.

* Professor X; You are very witty,show it.

* Gyrobo; Your post always make me feel like I have a ice cream headache, but I always go back for more.

* Nepharia; You did something I always enjoy, You tied others into your post.That makes a winner. you are on the right path.

* Erifia Apoc; You won the first LGS. You may again.

One post stood above the rest. It had twist and turns. It had danger. It gave me a headache, but it won.

Gyrobo is the winner.

Send your votes to Jon folks.

Dental for All.

Dr.Polaris rules.


Mr. Bennet said...

Oh, now that's just silly!

Ciera said...

thnx, I think!

Professor Xavier said...

You do realize Gyrobo's mission is to kill all human life on Earth, right?

Sylar said...

Hey now! My, like, writing is totally stream of consciousness or some junk! Like peeps write real blogs! So read it as such! lo...I mean, hehe.

Anonymous said...

I liked Neph and Ciera posts I thought they both rocked

Jean-Luc Picard said...

There were some great posts there.

Nepharia said...

Thx HS! And thanks Henchy! This whole thing is a blast!

I really enjoyed reading the "same story" told from all the different points of view: you never know what's going to happen.

Nepharia said...

Oh, yeah: CONGRATS GYROBO! Whoohoo!

Gyrobo said...

*bows, hat falls off*

I'm going to comment on every single one of your posts tomorrow morning. The one thing I set out to do this summer is, at long last, complete.

*picks up hat, hat screams*