Thursday, July 3, 2008

Challenge 7:The adventures of superbrat.

Day 1

"Sorry Mr. Superman But we can't keep a seven year old child with this much raw power on Hacknor he keeps throwing things into the volcanoes."

Daddy looks at the smelly man the boss man of the gladiators. Sinew new “What kind of things?"

" Space ships, giant boulders, space monsters, cars, Private Hudson."

“Big fire rock go boom!" I tell them. “Want me to show you?"

“No Kon that's okay. We'll take you back to Earth until this wears off."

Mommy Lois seems weirded out. “Clark he was never a child are you sure he shouldn't be in the Fortress?"

“He’ll be fine Lois."

Day two

I drew pretty pictures all over the apartment. Mommy Lois was mad; her stupid white walls were ugly anyway.

Day Three

Lois can't tell me what to do She made me sit in the corner; I blew up the apartment with heat vision! So there!

Day Four

Daddy said I should spend the day with my friends Instead he put me with a bunch of smelly teenagers, and a blonde who kept calling me "cute." She kept hugging me and said " I'm what our, kids will look like. EEEW Cooties! But there's all this cool stuff here that look like bats for some reason.

A Bat car, a bat plane even a bat TV. I want to drive the bat car! I get in and then when I start it I remember I don't know how to drive. I hit a wall I’m okay but the car is broke.

Maybe no one will see that.

Day five
this mean kid named Damian keeps telling me he's my boss, because Batman bosses around Superman.

I showed him! I hung him by his underwear on the spike thing at the Empire State Building. Try being my boss now poopy brains!

Day 6

Daddy put me in the Fortress It's boring here, I painted Krypto green, and that was fun for a little while. I escape the Fortress and paint Batgirl's costume pink. She's a girl she shouldn't be wearing all black.

"My Costume! Who did this? AAAAH!"

She should be happy she doesn't look ugly anymore. Oh I found this robot thing called Brainiac! He had this gun that shrinks things I took it, and used on him yay new toy!

Day 7

My new toy Brainiac broke. He keeps screaming. I get tired of it and throw him down the toilet.

Next day.

Man last thing I remember is Jon taking us into a room, and having a weird grin on his face. Um why am I in the Fortress of Solitude? And why is my costume so short?


Professor Xavier said...

Aww, the little red undies are cute. See, if you guys hadn't given Nepharia the boot maybe we could have gotten her to wear them, too.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

You're calling everything smelly and poopy. Are you sure you got turned younger?

I'm joost keeding!