Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Koma Judges

Ok I'm judging this round and as the judge I'm going to explain to you morons what I'm looking for this round.

I want the funny and I want it to be quirky and unusual.

And Funny Haha! not funny ewww!

You've got a huge amount of possible pop culture references here to deal with.

So lets start with some help for you, cause your gonna need it.

Telmarines - The baddies from Prince Caspain. Funny helmets, back stabers, and of course there's Aslan. You have satyrs, fauns, centaurs, dwarves, talking animals. Oh and 4 young children from England.

The Mummy Franchise goes Eastern with the terracotta warriors. Oh well you could get chow yun fat in it or brendan fraser somewhere along. Big huge destructive golems wreaking havoc on a huge scale. Yeah think big here.

Iron Man - Anyone say Drunk and Disorderly womaniser. Also how do you get into the armor and does it come in one size fits all? Does it come in different colours?

The Joker and Clayface - well if you can't find something here you don't deserve to win

Will Smith - Hancock again if you don't get something here I will be ashamed. Big Willie Smith and Hancock. Get it!

Cute little robots have there place and thats in the trash. Or being dishonest little bastards.

This is a quest. So you've got things to do before you get to the main battle.

Do them ALL.

Of course if you find a creative way to skip all of that or a nice narrative device to use here then you'll get bonus points.
Make me laugh and you will not loose.


Sylar said...

Isn't the Golden Army a Hellboy thingie, not a Mummy thingie?!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Mmm yeah it is.

Plus that's the Abomination, not Clayface.

Oh what did I get myself into?

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

I think only 3 people saw the incredible hulk the edward norton version, so thinking it is clayface is understandable

Sylar said...

Whaaa? The new Hulk was like totally awesome!

captain koma said...

What the Hell!

I just want someone to make me laugh.