Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mission 9 - The Wiener

4 Posts.

I told you what I was looking for. I told you I wanted to be amused. But did any of you give it to me?

2 of you did. 2 of you am I very disappointed with.

Bennet - You must think your bullet proof because you insulted me and didn't do it in a smart way or funny way. I certainly didn't find any humor in the rest of your post. Not one chuckle or slight pleasure did I take in it. I am gravely disappointed. You didn't win.

West - What do you think this is, High School? I am not some lowly paid public servant who's wasting his time waiting for the day when one of my students puts my life out of its misery by shooting me. At the start of this show you actually tried to put something together that was amusing and different. But now your just going through the motions. Consider yourself lucky that you got this far.

Kon-El - I wanted to love your post. I really did. You made me laugh my morning glass of Soy milk though my nose. You added everything and your jailbait cousin too. I laughed at the Tony Stark drinking in his armor stuff. Good choice with your robot cause K-9 gets rebuilt by The Doctor once a decade. Yet there is a a "BUT" coming.
Because your post was so long it drifted and I wasn't able to follow it around your Joker-isation. I had to read it twice. It pains me to not give you the win because you did have the funniest moment of all the posts and I realise that others will keep their pact and stick together to vote you out. Sorry Kon you didn't win.

And the Winner of Mission 9 is.....


Yep Sylar won.

His post was funny and it had no LOL's to piss me off.
He had stupid physical humor and thought outside the box when it came to the armor. His pictures were funny and his pacing and timing was clean.

You have come a long way from the start Sylar. Keep improving and maybe you'll win.


Mr. Bennet said...

My money was on West, for sure. Apparently, Aussies not only have upside down maps, but backwards senses of humour as well.

Sylar said...

I winned! I winned!

Thanks you sexy judge you.

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Sylar was my favorite too, I liked the Hancock signals and the Xena armor

Professor Xavier said...

Well done, Sy.