Tuesday, July 8, 2008

challenge 8 Superboy: Are you ready?

Man a gladiator gimmick this is awesome! I have so many ideas I can't wait to run them by J'onn! And they are all shot down in the meeting. “No one in this sector likes all the rebellion ideas they like clear cut heroes and villains with no gray areas. Now why don't you go into the Gimmicktron 5,000?"

It was this big cylinder thing all silver and cold it had all these buttons attached to it, it kind of had like a Star Trek transporter feel to it I walk in and The VP maniacally pushes buttons and I'm changed.

“Yes since you are from Earth this will be perfect Kon the Barbarian!"

"Yeah this is great." I lie. “But He-Man called he wants his everything back."

The rich dude rubbed his chin. “Yes it has been done hasn't it? How about this? You're a clone right? That's very science fictiony!"

“Um aren't you from a planet with faster than light space travel?" I ask.

He looks up from the control panel.

“Never mind." I roll my eyes. He presses the buttons and I'm changed to this.

“I can't move my arms without breaking this suit!" I protest.

“Let’s try this then Supernanny!" He gleefully taps the key board.

“Did you somehow confuse me with Sylar?" I grind my teeth.

“Yes, yes that is simply horrifying. Speaking of horror I heard you came back from the dead so how about Zombie Kon!"

After a flash of light I want to eat the flesh of the living.

“Not... Cool!" I moan.

“Hmmm. I see your point two brain eaters on one show no not good." Again he presses a button. “I’ve mixed gamma rays, and Red Kryptonite to get this, tell me what do you think?"

“Kon no like! Turn Kon back or Kon will crush!" He turns me back, and since the Gimmicktron broke I was told to wait for it to be fixed. IGE was out taping Throwdown. Apparently Cassie had a bad experience here too so we went to the ring to complain. See our entrance here.

When we started criticizing The IGE, a bunch of gladiators jump us. We would have had no problems, if two of them weren't Daxamites Aliens with Kryptonian like powers.

Then something strange happens my old enemy Vincent, Vegeta's kid Along with his girlfriend Batgirl come to the ring. One of the Announcers yells “Superboy’s in trouble now!"

To the surprise of everyone, he knocks out the other gladiators with something he calls “The Blue Blood Face Buster." Such a jerk, yeah he's royal so what? After we knock down all the gladiators we get in each others faces.

The color commenter shouts " Yes we're going to see a fight between some of the youngest and strongest in the galaxy wait what are they doing?"

“Ladies and Gentlemen boys and girls we' are the Next Gen!" I grin. “And we’re putting Mr. Sinuew Nu on notice!"

Vincent takes the microphone. “He called me here to and gave me this lame thing where I acted like my dad and said stuff he always said, Bah! Loser! The problem is I'm young, and he's jealous!This is why we've put aside our differences. " He puts his arm around Batgirl. “And he can't get a chick this hot, In fact I saw the last woman J'onn was with. She has a beard thicker than my granddad’s, and he had to pay her. She still made him put a bag on his head."

The audience laughed. Wonder girl took a microphone. “I’m trained by the Amazons, my spooky friend, here is one of the best fighters on our world, and he just wanted us to look pretty, and wrestle in bra and panties matches! Guess that's the only way he can see girls like that, well without beards anyway. "

Batgirl refused the microphone. I took it back bit before I can say anything, Sinew Nu Comes out with some security guards. “You little fools need get out of my ring or I'll force you out!"

“For the last time I won't go back and wear drag for you!" I grin. Throwing a hot dog cart at him with TTK. “Ha! Guess that proves something! You like wieners!"

People in the audience laughed as J'onn and his security guards slipped and fell in mustard and ketchup. After we posed for the audience a bit, getting a huge pop. We go to the back J’onn laughed " They seem to like the whole rebel gimmick glad I thought of it!"

I shake my head, while he goes on. “You and your little friends keep up with the juvenile humor and the bone crushing fights, and we can be in business sell a lot of merchandise and make you kids rich, me too.

“Like I care." Vincent snarls.

“Hey dude not all of our mothers are billionaires." I interrupt. “Some of us are cloned from mild mannered reporters." So after some negotiations it seems we all get a good amount of money from merchandise, and a few matches coming up. Not bad.


Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

That was a very unique supernanny

Professor Xavier said...

I think it might be best, Kon, to get a second opinion on some of those.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

I thought the Supernanny was a good idea, too.

Sylar said...

Looks like Sinew Nu wants to make you into me!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Talk about changes of appearance!

Private Hudson said...

My only question is why is Zombie Superboy wearing clam diggers?

Kon-El said...

Professor: Yeah i know.

Sylar: Seems like it And I can't pull that off, There's only one Sylar.

Hudson: Ask Sinew Nu.

Jon> Onieada : Thanks.